Paradise Electric Group Ltd is the new name of Paradise Electric Consult. The company has a history of 10 years and is a leader in the construction of external and internal cathodic protection of metal constructions and structures. We are experienced in the industrial services through providing solutions to problems related to galvanic corrosion. If you are looking for a company that is committed to values such as ethics and professionalism, contact us.


Our services are applicable to the following: gas mains, pipelines  for petrol products, water mains, tankers for storage in open and closed industrial plants, harbours and piers, electrolytic treatment of water, etc.


We work in collaboration with leading companies on the world market, whose activities include manufacturing technologies for cathodic protection, such as SELEC S.R.L from Argentina, the British company Cathodic Protection Co. Limited, the Turkish company Ar-gem Engineering Co. Ltd. and the Russian company PSS Export.


We provide all the necessary equipment for the construction of a  cathodic protection system , namely, rectifiers, magnesium and titanium safety anodes, reference  electrodes, dielectric connections, distribution boxes, measuring boxes,  cathodic protection conductors, disperse titanium electrodes MMO, mounted on sleds for impressed current systems , for system in harbours,  and offshore protection. Our company is responsible for the design, diagnostics and the operation of the cathodic protection system.


NEW: ThermOweld welding connections for construction of Cathodic Protection!
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Thumbnail We, at Paradise Electric, are glad to share that together with Kimtech Bulgaria we have provided the delivery of 336 pcs. SiFeCr Anodes of size (60 "/2.5") to Lukoil Neftochim Burgas. All anodes anodes are manufactured by our partner, the British company Cathodic Protection Co. Limited. The goods were delivered within the specified term and in perfect condition. We thank to our current and future partners for trusting us and for entrusting their safety in our hands.
Thumbnail We are delighted to share our success, that we have designed and built a cathodic protection system (CP) of the low pressure gas pipeline from AGRS to Mondi TPP owned by Mondi Stamboliyski EAD. In October, we installed an automatic cathode station manufactured by the British company Cathodic Protection Co. Limited and three titanium electrodes MMO, which are the latest generation of anodes and which have many advantages over the ferrosilicon electrodes currently used in Bulgaria. The cathodic protection system will provide the pipeline with another 25 years of life without the risk of corrosion. Paradise Electric Consult Ltd. is well acquainted with all up-to-day international standards for cathodic protection NACE and ISO and successfully applies...
Thumbnail In September 2017, our company diagnosed the state of the cathodic protection system (ECP), which protects the plant pipeline, using special devices. A report with technical recommendations was prepared at the end of the project due to which we delivered a new single-phase rectifier manufactured by the Turkish company Ar-gem Engineering Co. Ltd. with the following parameters: - Input voltage (AC) - 220 volts (1F)- Output voltage (DC) - 0 - 20 volts- External protection current: 0-5 A.- For outdoor installation IP-54.
jetty “Sarafovo” Paradise Electric designed the cathodic protection system of the jetty “Sarafovo” in Burgas city, Bulgaria. Paradise Electric has designed the cathodic protection system at the fishing port "Sarafovo" in the city of Burgas, the company announced. For the construction of the port installation is provided a large number of metal structures with surface over 17 500 m2. They will be under water and this makes them very vulnerable to the corrosion caused by the seawater. The project is expected to include installation of a cathodic protection system with an external power via rectifier blocks and installation on the bottom of disperse sledge with special anodes made of titanium electrodes MMO. The proposed system has a life expectance of between 20 and...
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